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Friday, May 31st, 2:00 pm (Money due May 26th)

What Are Freezer Meal Nights?

It's a time for us to gather together and make several different meals in a short period of time that are designed to be frozen and used at a later date. The ingredients are most often bought in bulk. This allows us to save on time and money (always a good thing for busy families) and have fun doing it.

Freezer Meals alleviate the stress of "What's for dinner?" with a delicious meal that's ready to go without the prep time or mess.

How Do You Do It?

Choose all or some of the options from the Order Form. You purchase the meat on your own to bring to freezer meal night and we supply the other ingredients. Prices, container options, and meat requirements are listed per meal. Each meal typically feeds 6-8 people. For smaller families, each meal can be divided into 2 meals. You'll just need to bring extra containers.

You can sign up for all of the meals, or pick and choose which ones you would like. Some people choose to use different meat types other than what's specified, or you can choose to leave out an ingredient or two. That's totally up to you. It's your meal.

After choosing the meals you wish to purchase, tally up your order and give the money for your order to us NO LATER than two weeks before the event. This allows us time to purchase and ready the ingredients to assemble.

Unfortunately because the food is purchased before hand for the exact number of meals ordered on freezer meal night, no late orders will be allowed.

We are still working on planning the meals. We will post them as soon as they are decided. If you sign up prior to this we will email you the list and forms. Thanks.


Life Pointe Ladies Dessert Gathering

Join us for an afternoon of fellowship and dessert on May 17th at 7:00 PM.

The Back Door Bakery

4444 Lacey Blvd SE Suite B, Lacey, WA 98503

The only cost is what drinks and desserts that you purchase.